Excellent Lebanese Microfinance sector inclusive and integrated with the Lebanese financial sector.


Support microfinance institutions to improve the provision of financial services to non-inclusive groups in the main and official financial system and to activate the relationship between microfinance institutions and the relevant authorities.


1. Contribute to the promotion of sustainable industry, raise the level of awareness on microfinance in the community, unite the members’ voices and represent them before all the authorities.

2. Contribute to the formulation and promotion of the national standards within the scope of universally accepted best practices in the sector, work on unifying the terminology used by the members and designate a common language for the microfinance industry.

3. Contribute to the coordination and effective participation in the activities of this sector, both in and outside Lebanon, and encourage the active and feasible communication among its personnel.

4. Contribute to the work and cooperation with all parties, whether national or foreign, inside and outside Lebanon, in order to fulfill the interest of the sector institutions in Lebanon and work on expanding the circle of the sector donors and financiers.

5. Contribute to raising the effectiveness of microfinance institutions in Lebanon and strengthening the skills in terms of quantity and quality.

6. Participate, cooperate and coordinate with all the organizational, regulatory and governmental parties for setting the policies and legislations which aim and help in developing the sector and contribute to work on creating a supportive legislative environment for the sector.

7. Hold the local, regional and global training, cultural and educational activities and any other activities to serve the sector.

8. Provide support and contribution to the exchange of information among the members themselves and between them and all the relevant authorities.