2020 was a challenging year for Lebanon as a country and people, starting with October 2019 revolution, to the economic inflation and devaluation of the Lebanese currency, arriving to COVID-19 and its consequences, ending by August nightmare, Port blast in August 4. All year long, we, as Ibdaa microfinance, were there to understand clients’ economic and social situation, and working on providing their funding needs through loans, and our social partnership while continuing loan disbursement. 

We have been working in Partnership with couple of the local NGOs, on delivering food portions to clients in need, suffering from their business closure or who left their jobs; those who were affected directly by the crises. 

Following the Beirut Blast, our team provided humanitarian assistance. Two field groups were formed to assess the undescribed damaged that happened to our clients and other MSME within the devastated area. 

A clear survey was filled, analyzed, then the work started by modifying our loans and respond to our audience/partners need. 

Empowering low income people in Lebanon, especially youth, women and small entrepreneurs is the main purpose of Ibdaa, that is why we worked and we will keep working hard to enhance their socio economic conditions and help them to achieve their goals no matter how bad the situation is.