ISSUE 3 | Sep, Oct, Nov 2019


Lebanon is witnessing one of its hardest times.

The country has plunged into a deep financial crisis coupled with a political crisis manifested by thousands of people in the streets protesting the poor economic conditions and pervasive corruption.  The crisis is likely to deepen in the months ahead.The LMFA and its members are working collaboratively to face this phase. The crisis management and its related components is brought about by the creation of support mechanisms, focusing on the institutions’ sustainability and their clients’ maintenance.

ISSUE 2 | June, July, August 2019

Join us in November

Under the auspices of the Banque du Liban
LMFA is hosting its first National Conference
At the Institute for Finance and Governance at ESA

ISSUE 1 | March, April, May 2019

A first step into a more consistent
lobbying and advocacy of the microfinance sector.