ADR’s current new project activities during the second half of 2020, are briefed within its Micro-credit, Agriculture, and Vocational Training Programs:


Within the Microcredit program, ADR is implementing activities within the LIFE project funded by USAID and led by Palladium under the title “ ADR Transitional Digitized Micro-Credit Program Operations” with a direct objective to enhance the ability to better serve, manage, and monitor the portfolio of ADR’s micro-credit program in a reliable and efficient way by transforming to high-tech software communicative systems and working IT tools. The project consists of offering hardware IT equipment and creating a new digitized software system for the whole micro-credit operation, in addition to training the staff on the interface usage of the software in office and on field.


Under the Agriculture Program, ADR is implementing 2 new projects.

– MedArtSal project “Mediterranean Artisanal Salinas” within the ENI CB Med program funded by the EU, the project aims to support the artisanal Salt Production in the Mediterranean area and in Lebanon the project is implemented in Anfeh in coordination with Anfeh municipality and the salt extractors. The project aims to provide sustainable development of the artisanal Salinas, providing concrete support on economic, environmental, and governance issues.

– AFDAL II “Agriculture Field Development & Livelihoods 2”, funded by BMZ and supported by WFP, the project is implemented in partnership with the project leader Care International Lebanon. The Project Objectives consist in enhancing production capacities of small holder farmers in identified value chains, improving skills, capacities, and food consumption of 300 vulnerable individuals in food processing and retail in identified value chain. In the framework of this project ADR organized during the past three months 9 Training courses on Small ruminant management, Dairy Food processing and Veterinary assistant for 120 beneficiaries in Nabatiyeh and Marjayoun Cazas.


Under the Vocational Training Program, another ENI CBC Med project is being implemented called RESMYLE project “Rethinking the Employment Social Integration of Young Mediterranean People through Sustainable Development” funded by the EU, aiming to support the NEETS groups (Non in Education, Employment, or Training) in the Mediterranean region through training program, eco-education tools, voluntary missions.