Date: August – October 2020

Place : Beirut – North Lebanon – South – Central Beqaa – West Beqaa – Baalbeck – Akkar – Chouf – Batroun- Mount Lebanon

Audience: AEP borrowers and vulnerable families

After carrying out a thorough assessment of the needs in Beirut area and all other regions where AEP activity is maintained, and as a result of the tragic explosion that hit the country on the 4th of August 2020, which has significantly impacted the local economy, and pushed vulnerable Lebanese people further into poverty and hunger, AEP have identified food supply as the most urgent need among families.

The initial response from AEP, focused on distributing 450 food boxes while supporting and empowering vulnerable families who are currently without shelter within Beirut area and outside Beirut to meet their essential needs, and those in rural areas who were affected sharply by the economic and financial crisis in the country. Food items were bought from 17 active borrowers who appreciated this initiative and were very grateful for helping them increase their production and sell it despite the current challenges in the country. This created a value chain to support them liquidate their food goods while also supporting those in need with the food produced by the small entrepreneurs, all enabled by the direct involvement of the AEP team on site.

The entire AEP team and a group of its volunteers were mobilized to manage the distribution of food boxes all around the different regions. The quality and variety of food boxes was exception and highly valued and appreciated by those who benefited from the aid making also AEP stand out as an association who profoundly cares.

The need for food aid support in Lebanon is big and it is increasing day after day due to the economic and financial crisis that the country is passing through. AEP is receiving ongoing calls asking for food aid in different Lebanese areas and unfortunately AEP does not have the capacity to further extend support without an additional grant and support that enables the association to fulfill its mission in helping the most vulnerable.


My name is Genevieve, I am 68 years old, mother of 35 years old handicapped boy. I live in Achrafieh, at an old building’s rooftop, the Beirut explosion has destroyed all my windows’ glasses and aluminium frames in addition to some damages amongst the furniture. My husband lost a few weeks ago his job and we had nothing in savings to help us. Both my husband and I have been looking for a job but cannot find anything.

The food basket that I’ve received came at the right time whereas my house was almost empty of food supply, it was like a miracle to us and we hope to be able to repay someday. It is such a relief to know that we won’t sleep hungry for minimum 2 months.

I really appreciate your contribution and assistance during this exceptional time of severe hardship that we are passing through. Thank you, AEP for your support, said Genevieve and her eyes were full of tears.