It was natural that the successive financial and health crises in Lebanon, in addition to the most prominent event – the Beirut explosion, have a grave impact on most Lebanese individuals, but the greatest impact was on the most vulnerable groups in Lebanon, who are low-income small-business owners and workers.

As a development association, Al Majmoua, has been working for more than 20 years to support and develop the businesses of these groups by providing financial services through easy loans and non-financial services through free administrative consultations and training… It was easy for Al Majmoua to notice the large negative indicators in the declining status of the groups it supports, which was confirmed by several studies, results showing more than 40% of Al Majmoua’s beneficiaries below the poverty line, with some losing their basic needs to live a decent life.

Despite the difficult living conditions, an initiative of hope emerged from charitable Lebanese in the diaspora expressing their desire to support the poorest families affected by the crisis in Lebanon through the Aleb Lebanon initiative. Al Majmoua received this initiative with enthusiasm and optimism about the possibility of achieving a positive impact on the lives of these families.

The idea of this initiative is to create an online platform through which Al Majmoua shares a list of some families whose living conditions have become very difficult and thus Lebanese expatriates, through this platform, can contribute to helping one of these families with money on a monthly basis for a period of 6 months.

The main objective of this initiative is to contribute to the family’s ability to withstand during this difficult period, hoping they will be able to resume their activities after the crisis, succeed in rebuilding their economic world and strive to improve and develop their businesses, thus improve their standard of living for themselves and their families.

Please find below the link for the report related to this project that was broadcast on Al-Jadeed TV

Al Majmoua won the award for “Conflict Prevention and Peace in Lebanon” for the year 2020, which it shared with the Fondation de France and Fondation Ghazal.

This year, a special edition of the award was related to economic recovery and support for small and medium enterprises affected by the Beirut port explosion.

Al Majmoua was honored for its outstanding work in support of small and medium enterprises affected by the explosion and also for its achievements in the past years in providing financial and non-financial services to SMEs across Lebanon in a comprehensive manner.