The LMFA sought this project in alignment with its mission to enable financial inclusion to the excluded and low income population. It aligns with the Global SDG’s namely number 1- No poverty, Number 8- Decent work and economic growth, Number 10- Reduced inequalities, Number 17-Partnerships for the goals.
This year, the financial Literacy project developed into three constituents. One train the trainer workshop, two nationwide training sessions with the Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA) and an interactive training day to develop a unified “introduction to microfinance” material.

Train the trainer Workshops on financial literacy with the MFI members’ staff

Under the patronage of the Lebanese Central Bank (BDL) and IFG, a train the trainer workshop was tailored and delivered to the LMFA’s members staff. The LMFA’s institution members provided 115 trainers that were coached during six full days through Train the Trainer sessions to deliver a unified material on household budgeting and generating income activities. The coaching sessions were held at Ecole Supérieure des Affaires (ESA) from September 24th till October 1st. Positive Planet developed and delivered the material to the trainees.

BDL in collaboration with Positive Planet designed an assessment test to the trainers aiming to assess their skills and knowledge before and after their training.