The LMFA team attended two SANABEL conferences, one in 2017 held in Beirut, Lebanon and the second in 2018 held in Amman, Jordan.

In 2017, the LMFA’s program manager participated in a panel discussion about MFA’s and presented the Lebanese Network.

LMFA staff attended within the Sanabel Conference in 2018 the Responsible Finance and Fintech workshops delivered by IFC. The 2018 conference was held for two days under the title “From Sustainable to Responsible Finance” with several panel discussions and workshops.

Networking was a major outcome in both conferences where we had the opportunity to contact some of the donors and industry stakeholders like Accion, FMO, IFC, GIZ etc.
In 2018, additional contacts were made especially with regional MFA’s sharing their experience with Networks and planning for a regional event.