As a sequel to the Saida hub meeting, the Lebanese Micro- Finance Association (LMFA) represented by its program manager Mrs. Ola Hariri, held a meeting in Tripoli with the “North HUB – BAB RIZK – Phase two- Tripoli” team on the 21st of December 2020. The team was represented by Mrs. Nina Masri the project coordinator of Akkarouna, Mr. Yassin Yassin the field coordinator of Akkarouna, Mr. Omar Rima the field coordinator of DAR, Mrs. Amal Akoumeh the field coordinator of SHIFT, and Mr. Rachid Nachar the area manager of LIFE-USAID.

The attendees discussed the intervention the hub parties led to empower 15 MSMEs in Tripoli. These MSMEs included, but were not restricted to, MSMEs in the sectors of green energy, telecommunication, data management and related fields with a focus on youths (above 18 years). This initiative consisted of five interlinked components: Outreach, Selection, Mentoring and Development of Business Plan, In-kind grants, and Market Linkages.


This meeting emphasized the importance of launching initiatives to contribute in both the growth of future businesses, and the maintenance of current businesses and positive economic factors.

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