On the 10th of December 2020, the Lebanese Micro- Finance Association (LMFA) represented by its program manager Mrs. Ola Hariri, held a meeting in Saida with “USAID Tourism Ambassador South Hub” team. The team was represented by Mr. Bilal Arkadan the executive director of the Lebanese International for Training and Development (LITD), Mrs. Masarra Nakouzi the project manager of the Islamic Welfare Association (ISWA), and Mr. Nader Jardali the area manager of LIFE Project-USAID.

The attendees discussed the challenges that the entrepreneurs in Saida are facing during the multifaceted crisis. They also explored the opportunities of collaboration to support the microenterprises and small businesses in the area, especially in Old City of Saida which will have a great impact on both economic and touristic levels. At the end of the meeting, The Hub management showed an interest in collaborating with LMFA members to provide the qualified Hub beneficiaries with access to finance when needed.

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