Our biggest challenge as a Network is bringing people together. This activity opened the door to a new page of collaboration among the member’s employees. It has succeeded in reducing the distancing and creating respect among peers.
The sessions, held at Riviera Hotel in Beirut,  were facilitated by Ms. Ola Hariri, Program Manager of the LMFA who conceived the material, in coordination with the trainers of the MFI’s with a fundamental emphasis to involve the participants to come out with an integrated and cohesive definition of microfinance.

Loan officers often meet in the field in their respective areas of work, their constructive coordination adds value to the wellbeing of the microfinance sector. Our aim is to have them all speak the same language in the field and creating an enhanced cooperation among them.

The topics were selected to achieve the purpose of this team building activity, starting with the definition of the team building and the importance of collaboration.  A broader view of the industry, BDL circulars and financial inclusion were introduced with an emphasis on the services provided both on the financial and non-financial levels. The importance of having one umbrella under which all the MFI’s combine and rally to advocate for the sector’s social and economic contribution, hence the LMFA. They were invited to create their own SWOT analysis of the sector and the challenges they face to come up with a joint solution while sharing their experiences.

The participants engaged in a large number of strategic games to enable them to recognize the collaboration concepts and their benefits. Some of the games introduced are “show and tell, draw your environment, watch and learn, puzzle building with a twist and not to forget some dancing”.
There was a high level of engagement of positivity.

After completing team building activities together, employees better understood each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. This understanding helps them work even better together on future progress vital to the sector.

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